Wish l!st: Wishlist for AndroidWish l!st: Wishlist for Android
Linear clock: Clock widget for AndroidLinear clock: Clock widget for Android
Note l!st: Notepad for AndroidNote l!st: Notepad for Android


Wish l!st

Wish l!st is your personal wishlist companion.
The app allows you to manage all the items you want to buy in the future.

With the gift idea feature you can mark items as gift idea and share them with your friends, family or maybe Santa. This makes Wish l!st the ideal app for Christmas, birthdays or any other special events.

Wish l!st can sort your items by fields like category or priority. You can also track your purchased items for a overview of your spending's in the past.

Available at Google Play™

Note l!st

Manage all your notes with Note l!st.

Note l!st is an elegant note manager. Note l!st differs from other note apps by it's simple operation and versatility. Use Note l!st to create quick notes, todo items and write down all your ideas and reminders. With the folder structure you keep all your notes organized.

Available at Google Play™

Linear clock

Linear Clock adds a whole new way of stylish time display to your phone. The unique linear timeline is a fun and nice variety of other digital or analog clocks which are available for Android.

Make your home screen a bit more linear with the various widgets which you can customize with various themes and scale options, the useful wizards will help you to achieve this without difficulty.

Available at Google Play™